Well, from a couple of years of pushing my starter button, I find that it’s starting to have fine spider web cracks radiate from around the button. I guess we push too hard. Here we’ve made a support out of angle AL that has been notched to let the button pass through while resting up against the AL plate at the back of the switch panel. As you can see I think put a flox ball under the bracket to resist bowing of the switch panel.

Many of our switches are going to be on the overhead panel or on the stick grip. We elected to get the Infinity Aerospace grip, with a two axis top hat for elevator and aileron trim, a push-to-talk button, a radio (Com1/Com2) flip flop, a speed brake toggle, a autopilot disengage, and a PFD screen switch button.

The next customization we undertook was to install a dome lighting system with a ‘theater light’ fade-to-black feature with VW Jetta dome lights, outlined in security lock.

Here’s a couple of shots of the overhead switch panel that we had made by Superior Panel Technology (http://www.sptpanel.com/). I like this setup much better than having all of these on the main panel. First, I think they’re more convenient, and the copilot can get to them just as easily. Second, since we’re probably going to do an all-electric, flat-glass, modern/jet style panel, it will maintain the sleek look of the instrument display.

And here are pictures of both finally installed in the aircraft. The stick grip has been furnished with a DB25 style computer connector to facilitate easy installation of the wiring.

Next, we installed a map light from Aircraft Spruce. This unit is capable of red or white light, with spotlight or floodlight options, has it’s own dimmer, and can be removed from it’s holder to shine around the cabin. After having this mounted for a couple of years I realized what a waste of money it was. I never used it, and it was always in the way. It has been removed.

Starter button support

Infinity Stick Grip

Speed Brake and Trim Relay – Factory Style

Switch Panel

Panel in Overhead Switch Panel

Overhead Switch Panel Backlighting

Control Stick Installed

Overhead Panel Installed

Map Light Installed

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Sunday March 14th, 2010 at 10:23 PM

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