The EFIS/One is Delivered!

This is the first bench test of the EFIS/One, since we don’t have the screens yet (backordered) I’m using a flat panel LCD monitor that I have to test with. Here you can clearly see our “Canard” airplane icon on the moving map, and I68, our home airport just off to the northwest of the house. You too can have one of these, see Blue Mountain. (not really – they eventually went out of busines due to – IMO – poor after-the-sale support).

Well, sports fans, now that we have the EFIS, the panel layout is changing a bit. Things are never quite the size that you think that they are, and have requirements that you just didn’t quite see from afar. As you can see from the next series of pictures, I’ve taken a new factory panel and made new cut lines on the sides for the stationary portions (with the pilot and copilot engine controls) and pilot side fresh air duct. Then the EFIS screens take up a majority of the rest of the panel. The backup EFIS lite, also from Blue Mountain, will now be mounted near the center of the panel as it’s pretty deep and wouldn’t fit easily anywhere else. Also, the backup, external, CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) will mount above that, then the clock and external (from the EFIS) fuel indicator. The annunciator lights are mounted directly above the EFIS, and the roll trim indicator and dimmers are located just below.

Blue Mountain EFIS/One Delivery

EFIS/One Bench Test

Bench Testing Fitted Panel

Close-Up of Panel

From Pilot Side

Booting Up


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday September 27th, 2004 at 3:54 PM

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