Well, as we’re getting closer and closer to flight status, I’m again starting to think more like a pilot/owner (nothing like a warrior-poet) than a builder. To that end, I’ve picked up some bumper stickers and got Elizabeth a vanity plate for her car about the airplane. I’m also getting a few “RTA” decal transfers in a couple of colors. I put some of these on my hangar, and as it happens Spruce doesn’t sell them anymore. I wanted some in White so I could identify Victor Fox as a Velocity, and will put them on the inside of the bottom winglet (where the checkerboard will not be). I also ordered some in black and blue for future needs. We also found time to add some support to my starter button and glass the runner side ducts on.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday March 13th, 2010 at 8:22 PM

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