First off, I’ll admit that I secretly covet the retractable gear planes. Their ‘neat’er than fixed gear. The “cool” or “wow” factor is much higher. They’re much cleaner and sharper looking in flight. And, yes, they’re (a little) faster. So why did we decide not to get it? Many reasons, some you’ll probably think are good, some maybe are just cop-outs.

N44VF with wheel pants onSo, without further adieu, the TOP TEN REASONS we went with Fixed Gear:

  1. I’m a student pilot, and will still be a low-timer when I get the Velocity flying. Sure I hope/expect to have attained my Instrument rating by then, but low time is low time.
  2. It’s more expensive, which I don’t need
  3. It takes longer to install, and I want to fly ASAP
  4. It’s heavy and more complicated to build and maintain, which I don’t need in my life
  5. Allows you to land “Gear Up”, which is bad
  6. Drives up your insurances rates A LOT
  7. Is only (In My Humble Opinion) marginally faster
  8. When will I see the damn plane in flight to notice? You think I’m going to let someone else fly this baby!?
  9. My SO, Elizabeth, thought it was superfluous
  10. Did I mention it costs more and takes longer….