The Pilot door security lock was completed as part of the fast build fuselage option at the factory. However, we decided to install our door switches on the security lock, this way we will know not only that the doors are closed and latched, BUT ALSO that the security latch is engaged. We chose this because a Velocity once lost the pilot’s door in flight because it wasn’t properly latched before takeoff. These switches must both be engaged to disable the warning light on the instrument panel, as well as to extinguish the dome lighting. Here we decided to use a Theater-Lighting, or “fade to black” module to give the plane and extra feeling of quality that you get from a high-end automobile. We got our unit from Serious Auto. This has worked out really nicely, but took some head-scratching to get working exactly right.

Security Latch Switch

Door Latch

“Theater Lighting” Fader Module Installed and Tested

Door Switch Wiring

More Door Switch Wiring


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday October 14th, 2003 at 4:22 PM

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    […] The next customization we undertook was to install a dome lighting system with a ‘theater light’ fade-to-black feature with VW Jetta dome lights, outlined in security lock. […]

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