UPDATE 2020: This section is out of date.  The Boxster’s have been sold and I’ve rolled into my 50’s.  The rest is still mostly right.

Well, so it’s not a who’s who’s of American aircraft construction. It’s just me and my fiance’ wife (as of 4/4/08!) Elizabeth, and we’re not that interesting really. But, in case you’re wondering if you can do this or not, here’s a little bit about us (and a bad picture).

Brett and Elizabeth

Brett and Elizabeth

I’m a (very) late 30’s engineer/programmer for the Procter and Gamble Company. My background is Mechanical Engineering, I got my degree from the University of Cincinnati, but I currently work as an engineering design manager. I grew up and still live in the Cincinnati area. I’m not a shop wizard, but I’m fairly handy, just enough so to convince myself that I can pull this off (after years of kicking it around in the back of my head). I had a wonderful little car, a Porsche Boxster, that I sold to entertain this new hobby. Here’s a picture of mine (the yellow one). My brother, Dave, has had one too in Houston. It’s red, and I’ll need a plane in order to steal rides in it see my nephews.

Brett's Yellow Boxster
Dave's Red Boxster

We bought a nearly completed, spec house – with an oversized three car garage as the shop/hangar, and had extra outlets and lighting installed in it, as well as finished walls and an electric heater.