Today we started setting the new wing cores. We’ll finalize the wing repair in steps, we’ve patched the outboard wing as well, and we’ll hard-shell the cores to contour match next, then lay 3 alternating layers of Uni on top, and finally bond the new strobe mount on. Here you can see the outboard repair as well as us buttering the cores and wing/spar with micro. We’re using EZ84 here even though it’s not required, for strength, but will finish up with the Velocipoxy for contouring. It’s coming out quite nice, and we’d probably have it hardshelled tomorrow if I weren’t presenting to our EAA chapter meeting (on APRS).  Incident Repair IV

Outboard Wing Repair 2

Outboard Wing Repair (final) 1

Outboard Wing Repair (final) 2

Outboard Wing Repair (final) 3

Buttering Spar

Buttering Cores

Setting Inboard Core 1

Setting Inboard Core 2

Setting Inboard Core 3

Both Cores Set 1

Both Cores Set 2

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday December 6th, 2008 at 9:38 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] So, we’re back in the shop, having finally gotten all of the needed parts, and through the Thanksgiving day holiday. Here you can see that we have received the outer two leading edge wing cores from Velocity. We first cut the outer core close to the damaged line, and worked it back to match the wing with a piece of sandpaper (quickly pulled between the two parts) to get a nice join line. Once those matched up pretty closely, we cut the middle core to approximate length and started doing the same with it until it matched, and then worked the inner edge down until the two cores would just fit into the opening. I have to say, I’m nicely surprised at what a nice fit we’ve managed. Thanks go to my shop buddies Jerry and Bobby.  Incident Repair III […]

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