Well, I took pretty much the entire holiday break off from plane building. I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the fact that we wouldn’t jump right back into the air after putting things right, but I haven’t had a huge sense of urgency. As you’ll see below, the repairs are coming along nicely. I think we’re going to refinish this whole wing, and spray some good primer and a light coat of white topcoat on the wing before we call it done. That will also likely mean that we’ll do the other wing in Jerry’s shop while it’s cold, and then do some finish work on the fuselage when it warms up some before we see the air again. The primer on Victor Fox has taken a beating this year, and probably ought to be better protected, and I still need to learn more about the GRT EIS system. Also, after so long out of the air, we’ll probably ask Dave to come back and shake her out, and BFR Elizabeth before we really fly much as a precaution.  Incident Repair V

Hard-shelling the bottom of the wing

Hard-shelling the top of the wing

Uni layup (3 ply crisscross and spanwise) of the wing

Wing layup peel ply

Wing layup smoothing

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday January 1st, 2009 at 9:26 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] Today we started setting the new wing cores. We’ll finalize the wing repair in steps, we’ve patched the outboard wing as well, and we’ll hard-shell the cores to contour match next, then lay 3 alternating layers of Uni on top, and finally bond the new strobe mount on. Here you can see the outboard repair as well as us buttering the cores and wing/spar with micro. We’re using EZ84 here even though it’s not required, for strength, but will finish up with the Velocipoxy for contouring. It’s coming out quite nice, and we’d probably have it hardshelled tomorrow if I weren’t presenting to our EAA chapter meeting (on APRS).  Incident Repair IV […]

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