The landing light holder was included as a “supplement” to the kit. We cut the pre-molded hole and bonded the lamp holder into the fuselage with structural adhesive while we were at the factory for the Head Start program. This lamp kit included a set of springs designed to hold the bulb in and a plexiglass lens which we will use. We’ve elected, howver, to go with a XeVision Xenon landing light, which provides much better lighting with a lower amp draw and longer life than a conventional bulb. This bulb comes with a controller unit that we had to mount on the fuselage wall, but the bulb is a direct replacement for the standard aviation bulb.  Prior to first flight, but after priming, the lens is installed with silicone caulk.

Landing Light (Internal)

Landing Light (External)

Landing Light Control Unit

Landing Light Lens is installed

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Saturday May 19th, 2007 at 4:04 PM

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