Wow was it muggy today. Jerry graciously offered to loan us some 1/2″ 3003 AL tubing to try. As I mentioned yesterday, I wan to try the larger hard wall tube to see if it increases the flow enough to really affect cooling, and if so I’ll get a harder alloy for longer duty. We also took the third cooler out of the loop for now to further reduce the restriction in the oil system (it would only be needed in winter anyway). I also have the fan for the rear cooler almost rewired to run off of a switch for a map light that I recently decided I didn’t need, which will allow us to run the fan when we want rather than all of the time. Hopefully we’ll get a flight in tomorrow. If so, I’m going to try and get an exhaust bump like Rene Dugas’ in place temporarily as well, as we think it will help pull the air out of the nose cooler. I may try that after the flight with the hard tubes, though, so we can tell what is making the improvements. It’s supposed to be 90F and storm all day tomorrow, though, so we’ll see if any flying gets done. If we have extra time I’ll work on finding a good way to connect a Cessna tow bar to our nose wheel. I’ve finally posted pictures of the exhaust wrap, the manometer and smoke testing, the oil temperature test panelrear cooler fanVelocity dataplate, and NACA vortex generators.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday June 12th, 2010 at 9:49 PM

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