It’s Deja Vu all over again. I swore that we wouldn’t fly with these soft aluminum tubes again, and here we are about to do it. So, a couple of things, we’ve studied carefully how you’re supposed to insure that your flares are good. Secondly, if we find that the larger hard tubing does give off enough heat, and increase oil flow to the nose enough to make a real difference we will go with a harder alloy of tubing for the long-term fix. So, here we’ve taken the stock 1/2″ 3003 AL tubing and run it to just in front of the canard bulkhead to give it a try, and we took the third cooler out of the loop. This essentially returns us to the configuration that we flew with in 2008 without issue (at least oil temperature!). If we still have hot oil after this, perhaps and detailed engine investigation is in order. I’m also catching up on pictures here, so I’m posting pictures of my 5″ Tornado fan from Jegs and it’s mount, as well as the cooler temperature panel I made for testing purposes, and the pitot/manometer setup that I bought to test the airflow side of the equation. We still haven’t gotten this to work yet, so that’s a minor aggravation. Finally you can see that VGs that I put in front of the NACA in the nose. I can’t tell that this has done anything for me yet. Oh, and there’s a picture for the smoke generator holder (I bought smoke generators from McMaster to do air flow studies of my overhead NACA ducts).

Not the dreaded 3003 tubing!

Oil Cooler fan

Oil Cooler fan bracket

Oil Cooler fan installed, rear

Oil Cooler fan installed, side

Oil Cooler Firewall Bracket

Firewall Cooler

Oil temperature testing panel

Nose NACA pressure study


Manometer for differential pressure

Holder for smoke generators

New Vernatherm

New Positech 11 tube Oil Cooler

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday June 12th, 2010 at 8:09 PM

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