We finally got all of the needed “upside down” work completed, and although there might have been a few more things we could have done while she was belly up, I was tired of looking at her in that state. For one, she looked like a dead bug. For another, the poor sawhorses were groaning. Finally, I really hate having work ahead of me that I can’t do by myself. So…. we rounded up a few (read as, “barely enough”) strong backs and moved her out.


“Paddles…. 400 Joules…. Clear!….”
Step 1. Carry the plane out of the garage (carefully), as it’s not tall enough for the flip. Then mount the rollover jigs onto the wing attach points.

“Where’s my spacesuit and the launch-pad gantry crane?….”
Step 2. Rotate the plane up from underneath, get the “Hercules shot”, let the neighbors gawk a bit, and just generally enjoy the moment.
“Honest Honey, it followed me home… and I found this swell leash… can we keep him?”
Step 3. Muscle to the backside for a gradual letdown to the gear. The plane is surprisingly stable like this, the rope ended up not being needed, though I was worried about her dancing in a gust and trying to learn the Charleston.

“I think I threw my back back out…..”]
“Nope, it’s still right here, Jerry….”
Step 4. Adult beverages for all. Strip the rollover hardware and roll her back in…

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday April 15th, 2003 at 11:19 AM

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