After we flipped the plane for Fuel Strake completion in Chapter 9, we went ahead and fitted the overhead fresh air duct since it was convenient. Special Report – ROLLOVER.

Next we fit the lights (from a late model Jetta) and eyeball vents. The beauty ring on the vents were too big so we trimmed them, and they’ll be covered later with leather. Also, the Jetta dome lights had a quick-connect plug, so we had to cut them open, solder wires to them, and them fill the connector with silicone to make our connections. Quite laborious. Also we trimmed the upper lip down and sanded the “automobile” silk screens off. (For information on the “Fading/Theater Lighting” module we installed, please see Doors under Pilot Security Latch).

Overhead Fresh Air Duct Fitting

Fitting Duct w/Overhead Panel

Fitting Overhead Lights and Vents

Installed Overhead Plenum

Once the plane was back on it’s gear, we wired the lights up and tested them….
Night Lighting from Overhead




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Sunday June 1st, 2003 at 10:58 AM

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    […] Fresh Air Duct fitted, top strake skin internal seal layups done. […]

  2. Document says:

    […] Fresh Air Duct installed, co-pilot door leading edge progress and hinges bedded, firewall protection installed, plane back on gear, and Main wings moved to Hangar (I68), N-Number reserved – N44VF […]

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