The trailing edge of the canard was next tapered to about .03″, and 4 straightedges were attached to the canard and elevators to hold them in alignment while the hinge arms were potted in. The elevators are checked to be in alignment with a string down the torque tubes, and the gap to the canard trailing edge is confirmed to be consistent (about .05″, maintained by shimming tongue depressors underneath), and the pivot points are verified to be inline with the canard trailing edge. Next the hinge arms arm sanded and checked to see that the can all rotate completely to the canard upper skin. Finally the hinge arm pockets are filled with microglass and allowed to cure around the hinge arms (while filling the pockets it’s important to agitate the micro to get it to fill all of the space inside the pocket). We also prepared the Center Hinge Arm with the rest of the arms rather than after as called for in the manual. The Center Hinge Arm is a double arm that is cut to fit into the supplied Center Bracket, and then drilled and tapped for 1/4″-28 screws. This is where we finished up our visit to the factory, and their¬†Head Start¬†program.

Potting the Hinge Arms into Canard

Elevator Angles

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Saturday June 15th, 2002 at 7:12 PM

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