Currently taking bids on the seats, consequently we’ve begun work on the LCD display mounts for the seatbacks. We will be installing a DVD system for the rear seat passengers.

We ended up going with Oregon Aero for our upholstery, and picked some nice grays for the interior color. This theme will be matched throughout the cabin. They custom cut and shaped their multi-density temper foam into our preferred shape and performed custom stitch work for the leather pattern, and embossed the Velocity logo into the middle of the upper seatback. They do excellent work, and are extremely sensitive to meeting the customer’s expectations. We highly recommend them.

Seat-Back LCD Display Cutout Seatback with Display box in place
Display Box (formed around blue foam DVD template) Display in place
Display in place with upholstery cover Display in Place with Upholstery
Testing the seats Embossed Logo

Seat Profile

Seats Paired Up – Note the Screen in Seatback of Front Seat

Still Playing Around

Front Seats in

All Seats in

“Get In!”

View from the Back

Both Screens Visible from back seat

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday December 5th, 2002 at 3:39 PM

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