Here’s a quick shot of our DVD player output screens back up and running. Not a requirement to fly, but I think it’s cool.

Inflight movies


As part of the optional equipment that we’re installing, we’ve already shown the LCD screens that we installed in the back of the front seats in the interior chapter, here you can see the installation of the DVD player. Here we’ve elected to install the DVD player in between the rear seats on top of the keel. This installation is actually on top of the sump tank in the face of the false bulkhead under the baggage self.

DVD Mounting Plate

DVD Player Mounted

In the optional section of electrical installation, we’ve also opted to install convenience 12V receptacles in both sides of the rear cabin, and on the co-pilot side of the fore cabin. These will be for optional accessories like a portable stereo, GPS, or game-system.

12V Power Plug

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday August 18th, 2004 at 3:57 PM

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