So I’ve been slow with the updates lately. Sorry about that, but I’ve been focusing on getting things done and letting the updates slide a bit. I got my sunbrella fabric in, so Elizabeth’s mom Carolyn will be working on sewing up our winglet sun covers this week. We’re also going to be hosting Terry Miles, a fellow Velocity builder/flyer this Friday as he works his way across country. He should arrive Friday, and we’re trying to arrange a little canard breakfast at the airport Saturday morning before he heads out. In the meantime, I’ve taken this week as my spring break (originally planning on going to Sun-n-Fun) to make significant progress on getting Victor Fox ready to fly. I plan to have her together for pictures while Terry’s here (and Bill is planning on flying over too), but she may be a condition inspection away from flying by then as well. We’ll see. To that end, I’ve programmed my GRT EIS, and have gotten both AHRS and screens up and functioning, and will be working on the weather unit and engine instrument calibration next. I’ve installed our door pin covers, and Jerry is working on balancing the elevators and ailerons and getting the wings back together, and Bob is working on my new air cleaner idea. Finally, here is the consequence of not painting first and flying in primer. We got oil everywhere in our incident, and although we cleaned and cleaned, this area in the speed brake cutout didn’t bond properly. If this is the only area that doesn’t stay, we’ll be fine, I can get a decal for this, but it’s a concern as we cleaned much of the belly before paint. So far it seems to be holding OK, but you don’t know till you fly it a bit I suppose.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday April 13th, 2010 at 8:53 PM

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