Once the keel is installed, you need to do series of stiffening lay-ups with Tri-axial cloth. There are four inside the keel, one runs along the floor and up onto the canard bulkhead (3 plies of 5″x18″, running 10″ onto the bulkhead), one left to right (2 plies of 10″x13″ with the 10″ side running up and down), another left to right (4 plies of 4″x13″ with the 4″ side up and down), and another for and aft along the inner keel sides (7 plies of 2″x2″). We completed these duringĀ Head Start, the inside reinforcing can be seen in Section 10.3.5, the exterior reinforcing is below.

Keel Exterior Reinforcing

Keel Stiffening


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Monday June 10th, 2002 at 2:41 PM

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