Not yet complete, though here’s the preliminary layout. Also, here’s a picture of us fitting the panel and glare shield with some cut-outs of some of our instruments on the panel.

One of the first things that we needed to do on the instrument panel was to create permanently mounted panel sections on both ends of the panel for the engine, propeller, and mixture controls. The panel was first cut to accommodate the vernier controls, and then a connecting flange was laid up from triax and nutplates were installed to make it one integral unit once installed. Visit here for more about the engine controls.

We’ve decided to use Honeywell Microswitches as our annunciators. We got these from FMW Distributors, whom we highly recommend. Their service was excellent, and we’re very pleased with these units.

Here the annunciator is tested after routing all of the push-to-test lines to the testing relay, all of which were routed through rectifier diodes so that they do not back-feed each other.

The last picture above shows the overlay that we’ve made to glue leather to, it will cover all our screw holes and just allow the instruments to poke through, in the interior gray color.

Panel Test Fitting

Instrument Panel Cut-Line and Screws

Forming Instrument Panel Flanges

Throttle / Propeller / Mixture Controls Installed

Laying Out the Instruments

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Thursday February 5th, 2004 at 9:24 PM

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