I’d mentioned that I’d bought these cameras, but with all of the flying I’ve been doing and the, I hadn’t finished installing them. The weather was a factor on in the fact that the biggest part of the instructions is getting the under-wing-mount’s toe-in angle correct. In order to do that I need to get the plane outside and level it, and then check that the mounts were angled at the same object about 125 yards down the taxiway, which takes some time (during daylight hours, which are short here currently).

Actually, what I did was some geometry and trigonometry to get the angles pretty close in the hangar, looking at the walls of my T, and then confirming them on the weekend when I could get out on the taxiway during non-raining daylight hours. This worked out pretty well, and I had the camera bases from Sky-3D taped to the underside of the wings (a foot from the winglet and 1″ back from the leading edge) so that we could check them. I leveled the airplane side-to-side and used a square piece of aluminum channel to sight along the edge of the base. Once I could see the same pair of feet on the taxiway at 125 yards, I new I was good. They actually recommend 250 yards if your primary goal is ground scenery, and 125 if you want to do air-to-air. I want to do some of both, but figured the air-to-air will be cleaner and more interesting (I mean, how close do you really want to get to the ground, anyway?), so I set it for the nearer field of vision. I’ve set the cameras to wide field, 1080p, and “upside down” orientation, so we should be good for our first recording, which we hopefully will get very soon.

Temporarily mounting the base

Camera primary brackets mounted

Protecting the lens during attachment

Installed rivnuts to underside of wing for base

Attaching secondary arms to prevent excessive shaking

Finished mount

Installed mount, copilot front

Installed mount, copilot side

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Sunday November 4th, 2012 at 12:04 AM

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    […] WiFi, by the way). I’ve just finished installing the mounts, so if you’re interested check them out in the A/V Building section of the Blog…  [UPDATE: The 3D software was never release, and […]

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