As you might have seen recently posted, some of our Velocity builder’s and owners have started flying with the GoPro camera system. I’d been interested, but never was really keen on suction-cuping a camera to the wing and have it potentially come off. It seems that mostly doesn’t happen, but then Velocity owner Bob Jackson shared his company’s Sky-3D system with the group. It’s a set of mounting hardware to control vibration as well as a 3D software system that combines the output of these cameras. After testing the output on our new 3D TV, I decided this was something we should do!

Here you can see I’ve bought 2 of the GoPro Hero2 HD cameras with the WiFi backpack. The backpack allows you to control the camera with a remote, or using the app from an iPad or iPhone (they just came out with the 3 which has built in WiFi, by the way). I’ve just finished installing the mounts, so if you’re interested¬†check them out in the A/V Building section of the Blog…¬† [UPDATE: The 3D software was never release, and Sky3D just went away…]

Installed mount, copilot side

Installed mount, copilot front

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday November 4th, 2012 at 9:08 PM

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