No new pictures, but the wing-to-strake junction is good to go, and the wings will be coming back off soon. We have a little fiddling with the cowling do do yet. The new SS flex brake lines have replaced the nylaflow on the legs, and the resevoir has been moved under the nose hatch. Along the way we put the “T” in front of the canard bulkhead so there’s only one line going to the resevoir, and now it’s easy to fill. Also, the new cast AL toe pedals are installed. We’ll start installing the Reiff preheat system once the cowling work is done. Note on the pedals that I’ve added an extra 5/16″ nut and some washers so we can crank the pedals down and still lock the top, as well as apply spring pressure to the brake pedal. Our pedals seemed a bit high, so this slight modification was helpful.

New cast aluminum toe pedals

Pedals installed

New brake lines

Brake reservoir move

Rerouting brake line

New nose wheel

Over engineered standoff

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday August 15th, 2009 at 9:22 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] It’s Christmas in August! Yes, our Oshkosh purchases began arriving en masse today. As we’re working on nearly as many Velocitys as the factory, Ken has taken to sending our shipments to “Velocity North”. Thanks for the shout-out, Ken. I ordered a new (full) set of wing bolts, though there’s nearly no chance they needed to be changed, it clears the mind wonderfully. Also, we got the cast AL toe pedals and the “new” XL nose wheel. The new wheel looks faster, but I mainly bought it because it’s supposed to be easier to balance. The Reiff engine preheat system also arrived this week, which will be nice as fall sets in. The new pedals are installed, as are the SS flex lines to the brakes to replace the nylaflow, and the brake fluid reservoir has been moved to just below the nose cover for easy access. And Jerry machined us some new, ultra swank main gear pant standoffs. Way overkill here, but they fit very nicely, are shiny with no rough edges, and have multiple cotter pin holes for easy insertion. Nice. […]

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