As seen in the above photo, we installed the pre-molded battery bulkhead during theĀ Head Start Program. This involves the usual light sanding of the bonding surfaces, and in this case attaching the tray with structural adhesive. We pop-riveted the tray down while it cured. All that is left is to mount the battery clamps (aluminum brackets) to this piece after we’ve selected (and fitted) a battery. The instructions are pretty weak here, showing various non-provide brackets with insufficient dimensions and no indication how they are meant to restrain a battery, so we’ll be looking for some flying examples. I’ve seen other builders do a lot of different things, but I’d just as soon find something simple.

Nose Battery Tray


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday June 13th, 2002 at 6:27 PM

Categories: Bulkheads
Tags: Building Bulkheads Fuselage

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