Well, we had gotten a hangar at our local airport (I68, about 7 miles away), and since we were pretty much done with the work on them, we figured we reclaim the dining and living rooms by taking the wings to the airport. Fortunately our friends, and XL/RG builders, the Brainards live in nearby Lebanon and have a trailer suitable for such a task. With remarkably little arm twisting we were able to get the wings relocated successfully. The C150 in our instructors, and inhabits the hangar under a nice sublet agreement until the Velocity needs a permanent airport base.

Wings leaving the neighborhood

Wings in Transit

Now arriving…. “44VF”


Now, if we can just get this strut off, I think they might fit….

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday September 15th, 2003 at 11:25 PM

Categories: Moving Wings to Airport
Tags: Building I68 Moving Wings

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