We had a pretty good turnout this year, in addition to the new factory Twin (N91VT) demo airplane, and DeltaHawk’s (N211JP) demo in the booth’s, we had Andy (N114MV) and Mark’s (N929X) planes, as well as the Darryl and Nora Kufalk’s (N207DK), Dave Nelson’s (N22DN),  N122GPN292FN404TLN108BGN244FMN924JHN94KL,  and N333RR. (Picture Album)

That’s a pretty good turnout, and I didn’t have some of these in the Wiki, which is even better. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures at the BBQ this year, I got wrapped up in what I was doing, so if you took some please send them to me. Ten (privately owned, 12 total) is as many as I ever recall getting in the 10 years we’ve been going to Airventure.

We had our usual good time, electing this year to rent a larger camper with air conditioning and a generator since we’d planned to fly, and enjoying it even though we didn’t. We had another great Velocity BBQ, and again enjoyed the Cozy Girrrls hospitality on Tuesday night. I got lots of ice cream in the show, and drank lots and lots of water. This was one of the hotter Airventure’s we’ve endured with two days touching 100, and then the bottom fell out on Friday with highs in the upper 70s. We got rain just about every day, but for short spurts, and never really got a big storm, though one threatened. After the devastation at Sun-n-Fun, the marshals were warning everyone on the field to be sure to be tied down. We did get some strong winds, but nothing really ugly.

Carlos from GRT not only hooked us up with some sponsorship for the BBQ, but went the extra mile to provide his trademark customer service, personally introducing us to both the SkyRadar folks and Quiet Technology headsets. We made purchases from both. We got the D2 dual band ADS-B UAT from the former, and a Halo in-the-ear headset for Beth from the latter.

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Saturday July 28th, 2012 at 7:09 PM

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