This week the weather really starts to look like winter, as we’ll have lows in the upper 20’s later in the week, and it’s getting dark at 5:30. So, we’re settling into the “improvement” section of the flying season, and I’m working on finishing up some odds and ends. First on the list was to finish the nose gear fairings, I’d mounted the pant, but not the gear leg fairing. It is done now, as is the canard weather fairing, so the exterior is visually complete. We’ll look to do some updated air-to-air photo runs in the near future, as our previous set was before we added the decals and nose pant. Between this and the new radio, the airplane looks “done”, but as any builder will tell you, it’s never done. I’m still working a wonky receive issue on the new radio, as well as still need to finish up the roll servo on the autopilot, and we need to have someone redo some of the interior. The work is never done, but she is looking and flying very, very nicely.

Nose Gear Leg Farings

Canard Weather Fairings

Roof/NACA Vortex Generators for improved Cylinder Cooling

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday November 10th, 2014 at 10:10 PM

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