The Speed Brake warning light in the annunciator panel will be driven by this limit switch. It will light a Yellow “Speedbrake Deployed” light whenever the brake is not completely retracted. The brake itself is driven by the toggle switch on the joystick pictured in the next section. The center position is a dead (no change) position. Down is a momentary switch which will deploy the brake while held down. Up is a static position that will retract the brake completely (it has it’s own internal limit switches to control the actuator’s maximum travel). This is handy in that you can get as much down travel as you want/need, but if you’re going to abort a landing you can just flip the toggle and know the brake is coming all the way up.

Speed Brake Limit Switch and Bracket

Speed Brake Limit Switch Installed

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday December 18th, 2003 at 9:44 PM

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