I’m almost ready to start putting the panel back together. I’ve floxed bars into the sides of the fuselage to tie into the bar on the bottom of the panel. Hopefully this will stiffen it enough to allow it to be used to rack your seat fore and aft. I’ve also covered the panel in the carbon fiber printed Di-Noc vinyl. It came out pretty nicely, but I have a couple of spots that need to be touched up. This stuff is pretty versatile, but the YouTube videos show you being able to pick it back off of the surface to work wrinkles out. This was not the case for me, maybe because I used their primer. You can also see here our covered glare shield from FlightLine, our engraved control stick by SET Graphics, and our new overhead switch and logo panels installed (by Team Concours).

Switches installed

Overhead panel installed

Dymo Rhino Heat
Shrink (1/4″) label

Wire lable

Building wiring harness

Wire harness to overhead

Logo panel installed

Preparing the end brace

Floxing the end brace


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday March 12th, 2011 at 10:31 AM

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  1. Document says:

    […] forward overhead beam was installed by the factory, so once we had the switch-panel ready to go, we completed it by installing the panel with 4 screws and […]

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