Work progresses, but as I write this I have a cold and it’s 5 degrees outside. The shop is heated and insulated, but even with that it does struggle to keep it comfortable on days like this. I have the panel just about ready to go back together, but GRT is back-ordered on the large display bezels and I don’t want to cover it in the di-noc carbon fiber until I know the screen fits perfectly. Meanwhile, I’ve sent my glareshield to Flightline Interiors to be covered. They specialize in RVs, but agreed to take a look at my needs. Although we’re now getting prices for having our interior done, I wanted the shield to be ready when the panel goes in so I don’t have to take it back out. I’ve also been looking at the best ways to get panel labels. I’d hoped to get vinyl or dry-transfer decals, but that’s been proving troublesome. I’ve elected to try to make my own with the DecalPro system. Again some RVs have used this with good success, and it allows me to make whatever I need in small runs and in whatever font I want. It also is nice since there is no transparent vinyl carrier to shine in sunlight or hide the carbon fiber. I have high hopes for it.

So I’ve been working a lot at home preparing my labels and bundle routing and getting ready to pull wire. I’m going to label everything at least every 12″ with my custom-printed heat shrink label maker with a unique line number and to-from description. I’ve found that these abbreviated descriptions make a lot more sense when you print them than a they do a year or two later, so the wire number will be completely definitive. I just need to finalize the locations of everything on my new avionics shelf to be ready to start making my harness. I plan to pull 6-8 spare wires to each location for future changes. And my lighted switch panel and back-lit logo/registration panel should be ready very soon from Concours here in town.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday January 22nd, 2011 at 10:41 PM

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