My family was in town for the holiday, and we’d promised them rides last year. This time the airplane was up and running, though the heat was nearly unbearable. As it was, there were only a couple of takers, which was just as well given the conditions (no point cooking Beth’s brain too long), so my cousin Chris Dunn took shotgun and Bob Hoefling rode in back. A quick trip out to Ceasar’s creek lake, down to King’s Island amusement park, and back to the barn.

If you watch our videos, you’ll notice that she took more runway than usual, due to the heat, but not a huge amount. Also, you won’t mistake our checkerboarded winglet with some other airplane.

Winglet in flight

Bob’s in Back

Chris and Beth up front

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday July 6th, 2012 at 10:38 PM

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Tags: 2012 Flying Travel

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