One of the things you realize once your airplane is “done”, there are lots of people that you really, really want and mean to take for rides, but coordinating a time when you’re ready and able to go somewhere that they’re also available is much more complicated than it would seem. Happily we’re working our list down, and it was Andrew’s turn. His family has been sort of adopted by ours for the fall holidays, and he’s been a sometime instructor to both Elizabeth and her mom, so when we mentioned at Thanksgiving that we’d like to take him for a ride this weekend, he was eager. We agreed on Saturday…

It was a lovely fall day for flying, so we decided to head to Lunken and have lunch at the Sky Galley. I rode in back so Andrew could get a better appreciation of the airplane – which gave him my usual radio duties, but he didn’t seem to mind. We were quickly doing over 160 kias and the flight down was almost too short. After a quick meal, where we didn’t attract our usual crowd around the airplane (stupid cold weather!), we taxied back out. On the way home Elizabeth let Andrew fly a bit. He did really well, especially since we have a righthanded stick, and Elizabeth didn’t show him how to use the pitch trim! Soon enough, though, it was time to land back at I68. This is the kind of “let’s go somewhere” carefree flying that I really enjoy, though, and can’t wait to take him out again.

Andrew and my Sweetie

I love my inner winglets… Clearly over Lunken field on a pretty evening in late fall

Canards over Lunken!

Warning, Traffic! Good looking panel, though

Beth flying with her new “compass hat”

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday November 30th, 2013 at 7:05 PM

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