So, I’m really, really late posting this, but it’s understandable since I just finished my trip to Florida. The Thursday before I left to get my factory flight training my buddy Andy called wanting to fly down for the weekend as we were forecast for great weather. This is what owning airplanes is about, so I agreed, even though I still needed to get packed, and would need to be on the road by 7 am Sunday – I figured Elizabeth could feed them breakfast and get them on the road. Once Mark heard about it, he couldn’t miss out on the fun, so 3 Velocity’s it is!

Andy is closer, so he and Theresa made the ~1 hour flight down from Kalamazoo on Friday evening, and picked them up (thanks for loaning us the Funkmaster, Kent) at the airport. Here’s some bad iPhone video of their arrival…

Then we grabbed some Dewey’s Pizza and popped by the Brainad’s house. They have a sick puppy and couldn’t get out (poor Brewster, he’s such a good puppy). We sent pictures of us having a great time to Mark, to which he replied with his best sad face. He couldn’t stand missing out, and was in the air by 9 the next morning, so after a hearty breakfast Elizabeth flew our plane to Dayton Wright-Brothers right behind Andy, and I drove the crew car up so I could haul us all to lunch and to the Lorenz’s house to see their project.

We’d hoped to have the Stockman’s fly their Velocity down too, but there was a mix-up in the communication. Oh well, maybe next time. But here are some shots of some nice Velocity’s sharing ramp time. We got lots of visitors, and several rides were given out.

Cool airplane parking

A sea of winglets

The linemen check out Mark’s airplane

What’s damp?

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Saturday April 12th, 2014 at 6:25 PM

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