Next the speed brake was reinforced to accept it’s hinges and actuator. To do this we measured over from the centerline 7″ in each direction, and centered a 3×3 hinge in these locations, cutting down to the outer skin and removing the foam and inner skin. We did the same for the actuator with a 5″ long x 3″ wide cutout at centered on its long axis 8″ from the trailing edge, extending 1″ to the pilot and 2″ to the co-pilot side. The 3×3″ hinge cut-outs were then duplicated on the fuselage side of the opening. As mentioned previously, we did all of the reinforcing work prior to covering the speed brake cut-out back up.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday June 11th, 2002 at 1:52 PM

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