We completed this section in one long evening of work. We used the marks made with Frank during¬†Head Start¬†(and a leveled aircraft) as a starting point, re-verified the plumb-ness of the the outboard hardpoints, the level of the spar, and the sweep to the “nose bolt hole”. Actually, this part was difficult due to the double edge sword of getting the fast build fuselage as we don’t have nose bolt hole, and locating the center of the nose is consequently very difficult. But, we satisfied ourselves that the positioning was correct and after scuffing the firewall and the spar, we smeared structural over the spar and the gear box tops. Then we carefully slid the spar back in, realigned it with our marks, checked level with both our “Smart Tool” and and a water level, check the plumb one more time as well as the sweep (serious business, this), and it was permanently set.

Spar Cut Out

Preparing the spar for bonding

Spar Location




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Saturday July 27th, 2002 at 6:12 PM

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