We’re always looking for ways to improve the usefulness of the site, and we’ve deployed a couple of new features we hope you’ll really like.

We’ve updated the look and feel of the Wiki to more closely align with the design of the main site, so hopefully it feels more tightly integrated than it did before. Also notice that the homepage now includes and RSS Widget that shows the most recent updates to the Wiki, so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re missing that last great update!

Media Library
We’ve added a new feature called Media Library. It currently only supports YouTube, but Google and Yahoo video support are promised upgrades coming soon. This allows us to collect all of the great Velocity videos in one place, allow you to rate and favorite those videos, subscribe to them, create playlists, and more. It features a random video link so you can check out videos you might have seen, or just the top-rated ones, so please pick your favorites. Also, the Latest Video Widget on the homepage will show you when new videos are added.

Central What’s New
This is an improved Widget that collects the various updates to the site and provides them in one easy to find place. This will become even more useful once we implement better Reflector forum integration as these posts will show up here as well.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday August 17th, 2010 at 8:25 PM

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