We had Scott Swing from Velocity pay us a visit today, and what a treat! He looked our airplane over, made a few quick adjustments, and then closed everything back up and he went flying with Elizabeth.

He said our plane flew very nicely and that all of it’s flight characteristics where good (2 person pitch-buck/stall at 68, right where it should be), and was very impressed with how well it glides with the throttle at idle! Ours is the first fixed-pitch propeller Velocity he’s flown, and he said that it was slicker than snot, and that our engine was the smoothest running Lycoming that he’s ever flown! This was the first flight with the main gear wheel pants on, and they were climbing at 176 kias with more throttle available.

Scott is real craftsman and engineer, and for him to compliment our airplane was really a great honor and tremendous confidence booster, and he really went out of his way to make it happen while in town on a personal, not business, trip and we can’t thank him enough. With that, and the plane clearly capable of at least 180 knots even without the nose wheel pant on, it felt like Christmas.

And watching him taxi and fly the airplane was a thing of beauty. You would’ve thought he was getting on a 10 speed bike he was so comfortable. He can tell more from a 20 minute flight that I could in a week of flying. This was a very good day. Here are some short audio highlights.


Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Saturday August 7th, 2010 at 6:58 PM

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    […] I just wanted to capture the audio highlights from when Scott Swing flew our airplane, particularly the “boy that’s smoooth…”. You can check out the entire visit here. […]

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