Since we’ve decided to paint ourselves, we figured we needed a design. We’d talked with the folks from Air Graphics at Osh Kosh pretty much every year, so it was a natural fit to go back to them. We shared with them our initial thoughts and they worked up a few designs for us to comment on, and we were pretty quickly able to focus in on a final design.

Our proposed paint scheme

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday September 1st, 2009 at 10:16 AM

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2 responses to “Scheme Design with Air Graphics LLC”

  1. Document says:

    […] fuselage, and maybe some winglet highlights (the rest is “snow white 471-44″). Our paint scheme features this sort of blue long term, and having a little color will make the Fox seem more […]

  2. Document says:

    […] I’ll be picking up our color paint today. It’s Nason Metallic Blue. Check out the scheme, etc. here. […]

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