We reserved a large cabin for Rough River again this year, for Thursday through Saturday nights, but there was a wicked front just sitting on top of us all week. We end up only going Friday till Sunday, and even then driving, since when we woke up the ceilings were 200′ with 1/2 mile visibility. The forecast was for IFR at least for another 12-12 hours, and maybe not clearing until early Saturday, and not wanting to lose a day we headed out.

I’d thought that we might get someone, like our friend Dr. Rene’ Dugas, to fly her home to get the Fox on Saturday if we paid for gas, but it turned out to be a bit overcast anyway, and the FAA was on the field “to help”. More on that later.

But the weather was fairly nice fall, cool mornings and just warm enough in the afternoon, with light breezes. The FAA presence cut down on the flying for sure, but we spent lots of time visiting, and there were a few entertaining flight over the field. Dust provided chili lunch as usual on Saturday, and we had a few Velocity’s turn out (Jimmie Dallas, Dave Nelson, Tim Rhodenbaugh, and Joe Gehlhausen), but we missed some usual’s (the Kufalk’s, the Bourgeois, Dugas’ Velocity – he brought the Legend, ours, etc.). We roomed with the Nelson’s again, and had a wonderful weekend, inviting many of our builder friends back to the room at night, including Rene Dugas who was entertaining as ever (we dubbed himĀ the most interesting man in the world) and new builder’s the Lorenz’s, Harry Manville, the Bittner’s, and many more.

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Monday October 1st, 2012 at 8:50 PM

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