The first step of this section is to drill holes in the gear bulkhead and firewall and route the aileron push-pull cables through to the wing roots. This is easier said than done, and I spent the better part of an evening getting these fairly ridgid cables to pass through. Argh.

Now that the engine test runs are complete and we’ve installed the wings, we’ve started rigging the ailerons. First the cables were covered with firesleeve and then the two halves of the aileron bracket were fitted to the wing. The wing was trimmed back to the line where cowling flange was created, and the bracket is trimmed to where it fits with the inside of the bearing 2″ in from the cowling flange line. The torque tube was also trimmed back to butt up against the bearing. Both pieces of the bracket need to be trimmed to fin into the wing root.

Next, the bracket is attached with two screws top and bottom. I installed these with nutplates rather than with nuts and washers for ease of installation, and added tinnerman washers to protect the fiberglass. Then the cable bracket is mounted to the aileron bracket. This bracket extends forward to clamp the cable at a set angle, 90 degrees, to the bellcrank arm when in the neutral position. We found that we had to force more of our cable inside the cabin that seemed appropriate to this point. The cable is then clamped to the bracket. Then an access hole is drilled over the torque tube through the upper wing skin to allow a bolt to be driven through the torque tube and the bellcrank, and allow it to be tightened. Once this is all done, the rod ends are adjusted to get at least 2 3/8″ of travel on the ailerons.

Aileron Push-Pull Cables at Firewall

Fitting the Bellcrank

Bracket assembled

Bellcrank fitted

Cable Route

Wing Root

Aileron Torque Tube

Cable Clamp and Bracket mounted

Cable Bracket, Clamp, and Cable Routing

Bolt Access Drilled and Bolt Inserted

Finished Assembly

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Sunday July 16th, 2006 at 8:11 PM

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