I know I’ve been a little lax on the updates lately. My apologizes on that, I’ve been really busy with the airplane and with the website redesign. First on the plane front, we haven’t flown since Monday. Elizabeth had a lot of work demands this week so we went ahead and pulled the hard AL tubing oil lines out and put our #666 hoses back in to see if they would cause any cooling issues. Murphy intervened and while we were pulling the hoses back in a couple of wires got damaged, one to the magnetometer for the EFIS, so we had a couple of nights work getting everything back ship-shape. And this weekend we’re hosting the Finkelsteins, who’s yard we parked in after our incident. We do hope to get a flight in tomorrow, though, so that once I leave for Dallas on Sunday for the week we know that Elizabeth can fly while I’m gone. We hope to get a few hours in next week, reconfirm the stall characteristics and start to re-validate that we don’t have any flutter issues since painting. We need to get some longer flights in too so we’re comfortable flying to Wisconsin for our graphics the week of July 12. Oh, and my aunt and cousin from Florida are coming on for the 4th of July. Did I mention it’s going to be busy around here for awhile? 😉

In website news, I hope you’re checking out the new face of the website. I’m pretty excited about the new CMS software (vBulletin CMS) that I’ll be using for version 3 of the website. I’ve gotten the building sections moved over with the exception of this blog. The latest updates will always show on the homepage, as well as the most recent posts to the Velocity builder’s email group and the Canard Aviation forum, current weather, and visitors comments. The new software will allow visitor comments, polls, guest blogs, and other cool features while collecting the Wiki, the Reflector mirror, and my Builder’s database features under one common login structure. There are a lot of features that I’ve wanted to implement that this new design will deliver so I hope you like the changes.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Friday June 25th, 2010 at 9:58 PM

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