Lately I’m struck by how I’m more of a project manager than a builder. I’m not sure even the blog gives folks the sense of all of the balls that are up-in-the-air at any one time. To give you a sense, right now:

  • Our glare shield has been upholstered by Flightline Interiors and is in transit back to me
  • Our new Infinity Stick grip has arrived and
  • Our new Infinity Stick grip must be shipped to SET in Florida for engraving
  • Our new AeroComposites propeller is on order, due in about 1 June
  • Our new Grand Rapids large display screen and backup battery are in transit back to me
  • Our new instrument panel will be covered with carbon fiber once the new screen is in
  • Our Trio Pro autopilot is due back from GPSS/GPSV and display upgrade shortly
  • Our fabric samples for the interior upholstery should be in from Oregon Aero this week
  • Once we approve the upholstery samples, delivery will be about 3 weeks
  • Our upholsterer, Dave Spano, will be town next week to take measurements so we can place the materials order
  • Our new Garmin GTX-330-ES transponder is in transit from Stark Avoinics
  • Our new cabling for the third EFIS display and new transponder are being made at Approach Fast Stack
  • And I’m trying to get a CO Guardian pulse oximeter and CO detector shipped in time to mount in our panel

As you can hopefully see, I spend most of my time trying to make sure I’m working on the things that I need to do so I can get a part to the next link in the chain, or making sure I’m ready to use something when I receive it. I hope to have the new panel in and the upholstery done by the end of March so we can update the weight and balance and fly for a couple of months before the new prop comes in. That should give us enough time to check all of the new equipment and make sure it’s up to snuff. We’ll have the maintenance shop at the airport install the ACI propeller, which shouldn’t take an afternoon, and then we’ll have some testing to do again. Altogether though, I still very much hope to fly the Fox to Oshkosh a complete airplane.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday February 17th, 2011 at 10:50 PM

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