We finally primed the canard today. I was really hoping to get out to the hangar and finish up the EIS wiring since it was sooo gorgeous out today, but we ended up doing some fill-and-sand work with the “Icing” body filler, and just ran out of time. It looks pretty good to me. We’re going to sand this coat out, fill some pinholes with more Icing, and reprime it. We also need to spray the elevators this week, so hopefully we’re ready for color coats next weekend. Then we’ll decide if we’re reworking the topcoat on the copilot wing or not. I’m leaning towards not, but if the canard is a stunner, then maybe. Either way, I’m hoping by next week we’re working on the pilot side wing. Then it’s fuselage and reassemble time. Canard

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Sunday April 26th, 2009 at 9:21 PM

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