So, we’ve been really busy this week, but not building. We’re fully in ‘move to the new hangars’ mode, and man do we have a bunch of stuff in that hangar. Bob and Jerry are going to use the hangar next to our new one, and will start finishing and painting his wings in the near future. Meanwhile, we’re installing¬†a ton of lights¬†before moving the big heavy objects down, and will be ordering brushes for the doors, installing heat in the office, wiring up some switches, and lots of other homey touches over the next week or so. It’ll set back my schedule a bit, but it’s a great move for us over all. Not only will we be able to set up a full shop in the climate-controlled office where we don’t have to worry about paint and epoxy getting too cold, but a small “pilot’s lounge” with computer for AWOS information, etc. We’ll also be able to keep the paint booth up for Bob while also being able to start getting our plane back together. This particular hangar/office has 240V service in it for the compressor, as well as about 6 separate 110V circuits in the office for power tools, hot box, mini fridge, whatever your heart desires. We’ll put down a nice epoxy floor in the late spring when it warms up some.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Thursday January 21st, 2010 at 7:38 PM

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