You’ll probably be seeing more posts here in the next week as we frantically try to finish work items before Oshkosh. Last night I finished installing the OAT probe for the GRT EIS, so the only work left there is to connect the “pull-up” resistors, program the screens and the EIS, and mount and provision the weather unit. Additionally, Bob is still fiddling with my new, larger oil door in the cowling and Jerry finished the copilot pant NACA. Tonight we’ll try to get the doors cut into the wheelpants for checking and adding tire pressure, and maybe even mount the hinges and latches (they’re due in today). I also got the old fuel level switch out of the sump tank, but somehow the new optical one is not the same size, so I need to find an adapter. That float was nothing but trouble, at high angle of attack and high power it would flicker, which gave me the creeps, and when Beth was doing her 14,000’+ altitude test it just came on solidly and spooked her. Instruments are not useful if they’re not reliable. I’ve also been looking back a bit at how far we’ve come since┬áJuly of 2001.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday July 15th, 2009 at 10:18 PM

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