So, I’m running behind on updates, but I want to recap the work completed on my “Spring Break”. We mounted the wings and torque them to flight standards, mounted and connected the radios and instruments and ran through the initial EIS and GRT EFIS calibrations, sewed up our winglet weather ‘socks‘, reinstalled all of the hardware on top of the canard (Ethernet hub for the GRT screens, pitch trim spring, pitch autopilot servo, and XM Weather receiver), balanced the elevators and ailerons, rigged the elevators, and installed the doors with windlace and seals. Next we’re doing our detailed engine instrument checks, connecting the Trio Autopilot “auto trim”, installing a larger backup EFIS battery, install the roll servo and rig the ailerons and rudders, flushing the fuel system, and then we should be ready to run the engine. I’ve also improved the hangar some more, I’ve mounted proper fire extinguishers with signs, labeled the shop door with the field radio frequencies, installed a nice corner desk (thanks for the donation Dave!) for the pilot’s lounge, and added better speakers and a roof-mounted magnetic base antenna to the Sporty’s AirScan V AM/FM/Aviation radio (a nice radio if you have external speakers and antenna). Some of these things might seem a little trivial, but it’s nice to have a professional looking well equipped hangar space. Oh, and we finished the air filter box, though it probably won’t go onto the plane right now.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Tuesday April 20th, 2010 at 9:00 PM

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