Pogo my Drobo! It doesn’t have anything *specifically* to do with airplanes, but n44vf.com has moved into the new century with a couple of pieces of tech gear. First, I’ve had a series of external hard drives (Maxtor One Touch, Seagate FreeAgent, and Western Digial My Books) for storing and backing up my websites, and they have all had their share of issues. My new Drobo (Data Robot) can handle up to 4 sata drives (all scavenged from these various units) and will automatically create a fully redundant RAID array. Should any drive fail, it will automatically reallocate the data so it is once again fully redundant (and change the failed drive’s light from green to red). I’m officially out of the backup business! Now, add to that my PogoPlug, which plugs my Drobo’s USB into my network, and my Drobo drive is available anywhere I have an internet connection! I can use a web interface, or with a small software download, it appears like a locally-connected drive. How cool is that? No longer will I have website files on my work laptop, home laptop, and office desktop computers! Highly recommended.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday August 5th, 2009 at 10:22 PM

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