2013 Rough River CSA Canard Fly-In Picture Album

KHAO – Home of our EAA Chapter

Abandoned training base in Indiana

Crossing the Ohio River from Indiana to Kentucky


2I3 Looks really small from the air

and you kind of lose sight of it on downwind

it’s not very long (3,200 without overrun area) but is nice and wide… when you get there

On the ramp

James Ealy and Rene’ Dugas at lunch in the Lodge’s resturant

KIMS Madison, In… beyond here be Dragons! Actually it’s just a lot of hills, trees, and few airports. Feels like dragons, though.

No nose pant or fairing, and 172 kt true, 160+ ground speed at 25 squared the whole way!

Rene’ Dugas, my beloved, Jerry Brainard, Melissa Lorenz, and Linda Brainard chatting

Shazam (Mishler) and Rene’ Dugas’ birds

The Millin’s arrive in N114MV

Ken Mishler’s arrival!

Reiff (Voba chief) and Ken Mishler

Reiff and Theresa

Velocity’s dominate the ramp

Andy’s bird in the fore, I man the rear (as usual)!

Millins unloading – Velocity unloading always draws a crowd… especially when (like Dave Nelson) you start pulling bicycles out!

Now that’s a paint job



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Saturday September 28th, 2013 at 10:06 PM

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  1. Document says:

    […] We made a run for it last night, with the possibility of weather for Sunday (low clouds at least, maybe some rain). I’ve posted more pictures though. We had a great time, staying in the big cabin again with Dave Nelson. We were sad that Ali couldn’t join us this year, but Bob Bittner stayed in Dave’s room and was a enjoyable surrogate! We had great Velocity attendance this year as the Brainards (dual Velocity owners, nearly ready to fly 65U), Rene’ Dugas brought his Velocity this year, Dave always flies, and we had Jimmie Dallas from Indy, Bill Mulrooney brought his backup airplane (Himanchu’s 2084U), the Millin’s brought N114MV, and Ken Mishler was passing by and dropped in with Shazam as well as our airplane. We missed the Kufalk’s and Brent Bourgeois this year, and Fred Marconi was going to bring his beautiful Velocity until his accident. We hope his on his feet soon.  Check out the Picture Album […]

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