So we pulled my vernatherm, and it doesn’t have any obvious signs of distress, though the marking on the seat is a bit uneven around the circumference. I’m looking for another unit to try, and Jerry has offered his if I can’t find another within easy reach. I’ve read that these valves can fail with no external signs, so I’m hopeful but realistic at this point about it being the silver bullet. Also one of my new Positech coolers, the 11 tube single pass should be in today, so we’ll also pull both coolers out and install 1 Positech and one “virgin” factory NDM 20005A of Jerry’s just prove we don’t have a blocked cooler (and clean the existing to out really well). That won’t happen tonight, though, as there’s a EAA presentation on the founding of our Chapter’s airport, Butler County Hogan Field. The Hogan’s are active members of our chapter, founded the airport, and are actively restoring Waco’s on the field. It should be a pretty interesting evening. In other news, Elizabeth made a trip to Harbor Freight over the weekend and got us a ATV bumper winch that we’ve bolted to the floor and hooked up to the new towbar last night. Works like butta! It’s not what you would call fast, but it does pull the plane in nice and straight from wireless remote. The only open question now is exactly how to hook up to the fork with the pant on, but we have some ideas. Pictures are coming.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday June 14th, 2010 at 9:54 PM

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