So, we’re building this new cooling plenum. My engine always cooled fine, but I had issues with the runner to NACA junction and the plenum was a little fragile the way I had cut the built the runner-to-plenum junctions. I also wasn’t very happy with the wire grommet or spark plug and oil filler access. I’m planning on installing a pop-up oil door in the plenum (or similar) rather than the yogurt cup bump-down. That always required me to take out the oil cap to remove the plenum, which I didn’t like and felt was putting junk into the egine, and cup size was hard for me to get my fat hand into. Also I think it messes up the airflow out of the runner into the engine. As we were looking at the runner connection to the new plenum we got the bright idea of trying to bond the new “back-half” runner to the plenum since we’ll have a convenient break point there. We tested this by glueing them to the plenum and that seemed OK, so I glassed them down. Well, guess what. It doesn’t really work, it’s just too stiff to get down and fitted (and the weight of the runners makes it too bendy. Nice. So, off they come. We’ll be going back to the factory-style solution.

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Wednesday March 10th, 2010 at 10:23 PM

Categories: Cooling NACA and Cooling Plenum
Tags: Building Cooling Engine Fuselage Magnum NACA

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