As I mentioned in the blog, I’ve decided to move my brake line exit from by the pilot seat to forward of the canard bulkhead. This will allow a much cleaner interior installation, and the brake lines will come through the same bulkhead opening as the wiring, which I’ve added some windlace (from the doors) to trim out, though it will mostly not be visible. Since I’d installed straws in the gear leg fairings, it was not too difficult to get the new line up the legs, the hardest part (requiring two people) to get the hose through the opening at the side of the fueslage. We ended up using a length of .40 steel safety wire inside the tubing as a guide that with a screwdriver in the cuff-to-fuselage gap could be coaxed into the hole while I shined a bright light through it from inside the airplane. I would’ve installed bulkhead fittings at the canard bulkhead but I can’t seem to locate any.

Trimmed Bulkhead Opening

New Brake Lines Installed

Posted By: Brett Ferrell
Monday February 7th, 2011 at 7:31 PM

Categories: Wheels, Axles, and Brakes
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  1. Document says:

    […] installation. Suddenly I had these tubing runs that made no sense. So, out they come, to be¬†rerouted ahead of the canard bulkhead¬†to come in below the canard where they’ll not be seen. Next, I applied the […]

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